Facebook and Greenpeace smoke the peace pipe, and join forces for renewable energy

Greenpeace has a press release regarding the new partnership with Facebook for renewable energy.


Victory! Facebook Friends Renewable Energy

Blogpost by Greenpeace International - December 15, 2011 at 9:45

After 20 months of mobilizing, agitating and negotiating to green Facebook, the Internet giant has today announced its goal to run on clean, renewable energy. More than 700,000 people from all over the world joined to make this possible! Facebook's message to energy producers is clear: invest now in renewable energy, and move away from coal power.

Here is a new video that Greenpeace has created.

Facebook has been the target for Greenpeace for carbon impact of data centers, but now that the peace pipe has been smoked Greenpeace will move on to the next targets.  Like who?  Watch this video to see who is on the list.  But don't sigh in relief if your logo is not below.  Who knows who Greepeace will target next to change their ways and have a strategy for a Green (low carbon) Data Center.




Here is what else Facebook says in their press release to give you a hint this is just the beginning.

If all the Internet giants would unfriend coal, it would send a message to utilities and investors that couldn't be ignored. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shown today what other IT leaders should be doing.

Energy efficiency is important, but for an energy revolution to save the planet we also need to upgrade to green energy. Who will be next?

Here is the full text of the Facebook and Greenpeace collaboration.  Note the use of Open Compute Project to support the collaboration.

Facebook and Greenpeace collaboration

on Clean and Renewable Energy 15 December, 2011


Facebook is committed to supporting the development of clean and renewable sources of energy, and our goal is to power all of our operations with clean and renewable energy. Building on our leadership in energy efficiency (through the Open Compute Project), we are working in partnership with
Greenpeace and others to create a world that is highly efficient and powered by clean and renewable energy. This effort will include a range of activities:

By Facebook

  • Adopting a siting policy that states a preference for access to clean and renewable energy supply

  • Ongoing research into energy efficiency and the open sharing of that technology through the Open Compute Project

  • Ongoing research into clean energy solutions for our future data centers

  • Engaging in a dialogue with our utility providers about increasing the supply of clean energy that

    power Facebook data centers

    By Greenpeace

  • Active support for the Open Compute Project, including encouraging companies to join the effort, use the technology, and share their efficiency technology

  • Encouraging utility providers to offer ways for customers to get their utility data, including by joining the partnership with Opower, Facebook, and NRDC

  • Recognize company leadership in advancing best practices in efficiency or sustainability technology through the open source sharing of design and technology advances.


  • Working together to develop and promote experiences on Facebook that help people and organizations connect with ways to save energy and engage their communities in clean energy issues.

  • Co-hosting roundtables and discussions with experts on energy issues.

  • Jointly engaging other large energy users and producers to address the energy choice they are facing and develop new clean energy rather than recommission coal plants or build new coal plants.