China Telecom Supplier, Huawei discusses Green Data Center

China Telecom supplier discusses Huawei’s Green Data Center Solution.  This post is in simplified Han and is translated by Google Translate.

Huawei proposed a "green Huawei, green communications, green world" strategy, to join the global ICT industry's most influential environmental organizations GeSI, together with other communications industry counterparts to discuss the impact of the global ICT industry's environmental strategy, the implementation of methods, techniques standards, public policy, play a greater role at the strategic level. 
In the data center, Huawei proposed joint management of data center intelligence solutions, through the device level, the cabinet level, the full range of room-level, multi-level intelligent, automated monitoring and management, and gradually optimize the data center PUE, Lower Operating costs. In short, Huawei Intelligent Data Center Infrastructure Solutions LinkAge is reflected in the Integration and Optimization of Energy consumption, particularly Air planning and Management, such as: Intelligent Precision Air Supply, according to the actual Equipment within the Cabinet Dynamic Adjustment of Power Delivery for each Cabinet Air Volume, Power and Cooling Capacity to Achieve an Exact Match, eliminating Hot spots and Precise Control of Room Cooling Capacity of each Cabinet to Enhance the Cooling Efficiency. Another Product customization by IT and Cloud Computing Platform customization, you can migrate a Virtual Machine Technology and Air Flow Management, and Unified Integration and Optimization, further reducing Energy consumption, Improve Resource Utilization, Improve Customer operational capability. Practical Application shows that Huawei's Intelligent Energy-Saving programs can Greatly reduce the LinkAge of Data Center Power consumption , 60% of the refrigeration efficiency, reduce energy consumption by 40%.

Huawei discusses the connection between data centers applications

Data Center Development is Inseparable from the Development of the Internet, and Internet applications have the "partition / Cluster", "flexible / Random" and "Rapid Deployment" of the other Requirements. Modular Design is to solve these problems and Adapt the Best Way . Early on, we can partition needs based on the Current Business, Sub-module and to reduce the initial Investment costs and risks; follow-up according to Business Development, Data Center Dynamic, Smooth, Rapid Expansion, and Data to Meet Business needs center ability to support exact match.

Containers are discussed as well.

Container data center is the product of a modular data center of a specific program, which combines power distribution, cooling, remote monitoring, security and fire equal to the standard container body highly integrated modular data center, with low investment costs, short construction period, Cooling Efficiency as well as Dynamic Migration and many other Advantages, has become a Next-Generation Data Center Construction in Sharp Focus. Huawei to provide Air-cooled and water cooled two Solutions, Air-cooled container Data Center Solutions, the use of Precision Air conditioning and refrigeration, the maximum power can support more than 60KW; water-cooled solutions, the use of chilled water cooling, maximum support 360KW or more power.