Dell DCS little know fact, environmental leadership

Barton George has an interview with the new Dell DCS GM, Roy Guillen you can see here.

At the 3:25 mark Barton asks Roy “the one thing that isn’t well known about DCS.”

The answer, environmental leadership.

Here is the blog post for the complete interview information.

Meet Roy Guillen — GM of Dell’s DCS group

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In case you’re not familiar with it, Dell’s Data Center Solutions (DCS) group has been around for nearly four years, acting as a “custom tailor” to some of the largest internet superstars and scale-out leaders, organizations like Facebook, Microsoft Azure and Lawrence Livermore national labs.  A year ago DCS added to this custom capability by bringing out a line of specialized servers paired withsoftware solutions targeted at the tier of customers right below these “biggest of the big.”

A changing of the guard
Last March, Roy Guillen took over the helm as the General Manager of the DCS group when the then current GM, Forrest Norrod was promoted to run all of servers at Dell.  Near the end of the year I sat down with Roy to get his thoughts on what made DCS, DCS and learn what success looked like for him.