Cloud is for everyone inculding Solaris users–JoyentCloud

Everyone needs to be in the cloud.  Microsoft markets the cloud with this commercial.

Microsoft Cloud Commercial

On a Sun Blog here is post on Joyent.

Tuesday Feb 15, 2011

Solaris cloud

Interesting what the folks up at JoyentCloud are up to with the Solaris-based cloud offering. From the first looks of it (and knowing who is involved in engineering of it all), it appears as precisely what you'd expect a cloud infrastructure to be: (a) performant (b) 100% reliable (c) robust (d) affordable (e) compliant :-)

And, here is a Joyent page just for the Solaris users.

Special Offer for Solaris Users

We love Solaris users, so we want to give you the opportunity to try out the best cloud services available – which just happen to run on Solaris.

If you want to run your web app or website on the most efficient, performant, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure in the business, you need to try Joyent. Our Open Solaris-based SmartMachines (kind of like a Windows-based virtual machine but better) outperform Amazon EC2 on a number of fronts: Joyent CPU is 5x faster; Disc I/O is 14x faster; and Memory I/O 3x faster.

Who needs inefficient, non-performant infrastructure when you have access to SmartMachines from Joyent? We invite those of you who are building high performance web applications to try out a 1GB SmartMachine for just $45 per month (that’s $80 off the regular price). This monthly price is good for as long as you keep your SmartMachine.

At this fantastic price, we can only allow 1 per customer. This offer is good through March 4, 2011.

Order Instantly Online

If you don’t have an account on, sign up now to facilitate the purchase process. Then come back here and click on Buy Now to get your special promo price.

(Full Disclosure:  Sun was one of my past clients.  I no longer work for Sun or Oracle, but my brother does work at Oracle.)