DatacenterDynamics reports on India’s Power Grid

DatacenterDynamics has an article on India’s power grid after their first event in India.

India's struggle for power

India is growing but power problems can still be a major issue for new projects as DatacenterDynamics finds out at its first event in India held this February

Published 21st February, 2011 by Nivedita Mohanty and Penny Jones

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Data center demand is growing in India. Despite struggles with power provision, latency bottlenecks and site selection, the figures show India is seeking more data centers than ever before. India’s rise ties in with a larger story covering the whole of the Asia Pacific.

DatacenterDynamics ran its first event in India on February 15. Leading data center companies and end users will joined at the ITC Maratha to hear about how India’s data centers can help prepare the country to become the outsourcing hub of the world, and overcome IT infrastructure reliability challenges

If you are thinking of Green Data Centers in India, there is potential renewable energy sources.

India currently generates about 13,878MW of grid power from renewable resources, which accounts for 9% of total installed generation capacity. It also has the fifth largest installed windpower capacity in the world along with solar resources. That said, India’s renewable dream is still a long way off, with financing and government red-tape holding a number of projects back.

But, hydroelectric power is a challenge.

“Most of the sites where hydroelectricity is generated, for example, are not suitable for setting up data centers due to the lack of other infrastructural facilities such as roads, airports, connectivity and so on,” Reddy says. “The problem is that if you produce hydropower and use the public network to get it transferred to the data centers you can have a loss in transmission of about 20%.”