Moving to a new Cloud Hosted environment for GreenM3, SquareSpace

It's been over 4 years as a happy user of TypePad for hosting, but I have new ideas for the blog and a new platform makes things much easier.

In the process of moving I will be making other changes to the blog, and with any move there will be transition issues. 

Please be patient over the next few days.

I will be moving to for hosting.  The url for the Green Data Center Blog wil stay 

The Platform: Reliability from the Beginning

See the website you're on? It's a Squarespace website. We run our business website off of the same exact systems, using the same exact accounts that we sell to our customers. That means if your site is down, so is ours. Since we run a profitable and well performing business, it better not be down for long.

Nothing to set up, nothing to tweak, nothing to install, nothing to scale, nothing to optimize (SEO).

Squarespace is a completely managed system. We take care of all the tricky details in setting up your site, which means that there is no software to install, nothing to upgrade and that your site will stay online through the most massive traffic storms. Further, we've already used every trick in the book to ensure your site gets picked up by search engines. New features are constantly deployed so that your site is always up to date.

True cloud hosting.

Running a huge site? Getting featured on Digg and Slashdot all the time? You need Squarespace. All sites are hosted on all of our web servers -- which means you never have to worry about a single server failing. The traffic generated from being on the front page of Digg is nothing compared to what the thousands of sites hosted on Squarespace see in a single day. A normal day for the architecture serving your Squarespace site is serving tens of millions of hits. Compare this to the crippling effect this would have on your slice of resources on a shared web host — you wouldn't stay online long enough to receive the traffic from your press.

We have real people monitoring your website 24 hours a day.

Squarespace monitors hundreds of functional aspects of our system automatically every 20 seconds. We eliminate the cost of setting up your own monitors and we take the worry out of your site going down. Squarespace automates the next human resolution step when we've got a hardware failure, and our engineers are on call 24x7 to handle any issue that may arise.