Telco bet on Cloud Computing spreads to Korea

Telcos are getting into the cloud computing business.  Here is an article on the efforts in Korea.

Telecoms bet on cloud computing

2011-01-17 18:19

Local carriers look to take share of global market expected to reach 

demand for software, platform and data storage in service. 
SK Telecom Co., Korea’s top wireless carrier, said Monday it will open a cloud service center that will allow small and mid-sized firms to use high-capacity computing resources without 

$44.2b in 2013

Korea’s telecom carriers are jumping on the cloud computing market to meet growingadditional facility investment.

SK Telecom is one effort documented.

“SK Telecom will lead the market by offering distinct cloud computing experiences through specialized solutions and services that meet customers’ needs, and by creating an eco-system through mutual collaboration with small- and mid-sized service enterprises.”

Workers check server computers at a data center in Seoul. (The Korea Herald)

At the center, SK plans to provide small-scale businesses with location-based services for marketing analysis and machine-to-machine solutions that allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same ability.

The other two Telcos are KT Corp and LG Uplus.

Other two telecom carriers ―― KT Corp. and LG Uplus ―― also announced their plans last year to jump into competition.
KT, the nation’s largest fixed-line operator, introduced an enterprise-level cloud services in August that lend online storage, servers and solutions.
The “ucloud pro” could help subscriber firms cut their information and technology expenditures up to 90 percent, KT said. More than 500 firms have registered so far.
The operator announced in August it would invest 120 billion won ($108 million) by 2011 for the advancement of cloud computing services.
In December, KT announced a plan to acquire local computing platform technology firm NexR early this year and work with solutions developer Citrix and Microsoft to strengthen its competitiveness in the sector.