How I use Twitter, RSS, and a Blog Together

There are a lot of opinions on Twitter vs. Blogging.  Below are a few links on the debate, but this reminds me of too many times when people look at things as a choice between the two, because they don’t know how to use each of the technologies.

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Here is my current workflow.

  1. Write a post in Windows Live Writer
  2. Publish to Blog on SquareSpace.
  3. Manually select an excerpt on my blog site with Squarespace’s WYSIWYG UI.
  4. The ATOM RSS feed goes to Feedburner and gets published.
  5. Feedburner creates a tiny url and publishes the post title as a tweet.

Steps 2 – 5 take a minute.  Step 1 is typically less than 10 minutes.

So, I use Twitter, RSS, and blogging as an information hierarchy with the pieces all connected. 


Blogging vs Twitter [A few Random Thoughts on the Two Mediums]

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On Twitter yesterday Yaro asked me whether I like Twitter more than Blogging.

My reply was of course limited to 140 characters and as a result not overly comprehensive:

“no I like blogging more than Twitter but Twitter is fun and a useful part of the mix of what I do – both have their place”


Twitter Vs Blogs

Posted by Daniel Sieberg 5 comments

Remember blogs? Oh, sure, there are still plenty of active and beloved blogs rippling through the interwebs. But as many of us find ways to compress our lives into 140 characters or less the traditional blog (seems odd to use the word "traditional" next to "blog" but there you go) seems to be losing some steam. It used to be that the media would quote politicians who posted on their Web site or refer to what a celebrity wrote on their blog. Blogs were (and can still be) THE place to find unfiltered analysis. These days, if you want to find a following or spout your observations to the masses, then you likely head to Twitter. But is all this linguistic distillation making people more concise or less thoughtful?