I think GreenM3 escaped being labeled a Content Farm

After blogging about the web site getting labeled by Google as a content farm I was wondering how the Green Data Center Blog (GreenM3) would be affected.

I was a bit concerned because I reference a lot of other people's content and take a few parts then comment. Always referencing the original source and to not take too much from the other site.

Why do I think I escaped?

Here is my traffic for last 3 weeks.


Here is traffic from search engines.


Compare this to what happened to the guy who got labeled as a content farm.

google search traffic

And, in the last 24 hours here are robot hits to my site.


One thing that SquareSpace has helped me a lot vs. TypePad is I am getting way more robot hits.

Knock on wood, I think the Green Data Center blog escaped being labeled as a content farm.  Also, what may have saved me is the others sites that do copy my work and don't credit me.  One site stopped copying me a month ago when I sent a cease and desist letter for copyright infringement.