HP launches Energy Services as an alternative to IBM Smarter Planet, partners with Hara and C3

HP launched its Energy and Sustainability Management Solution and I had an interview with Jay Allardyce, Director, Growth Initiatives, Energy and Sustainability Management, EB and Ken Hamilton, Director, Global Energy and Sustainability Services, HP Technology Consulting along with customer references from executives with Hara, and Avaya.

My first question was this is great you talk about energy what about water?  Jay and Ken both went into more detail on how their solution addresses the growing need for managing water as a resource in addition to energy.  I regularly use water awareness as a test to see if companies are really thinking about sustainability.  I saw an IBM presentation 4 years ago, where an executive discussed water as a resource we need to focus on.  Both HP and IBM pass my simple test, they think of water in addition to energy in their resource management solution.

Here is HP’s Energy and Sustainability Management Services page.


Here is IBM’s Smarter Planet page.


IBM’s marketing machine is tough to beat.  Here is a 8:36 video that has 39,764 views.

HP signed up two top companies to work with - Hara and C3.

Open approach to partnering

To enhance the overall solution and customer experience, HP also announced an ESM partner network in which HP, along with organizations that complement HP’s services, will evaluate a client’s environmental impact and develop best practices for improving resource utilization.

“Customers are seeking solutions that optimize both sustainability and energy management throughout their organizations,” said Amit Chatterjee, chief executive officer and founder, Hara. “Pairing our environmental and energy management solutions with HP’s industry reach and expert delivery provides clients with a superior, holistic approach to identify, prioritize and act on energy- and resource-efficiency strategies that drive cost savings, minimize risk and create value.”

There is no mention of C3, but GreenTech Media choose to make it part of their headline.

HP Teams With C3, Hara for Energy Consulting

Did HP invest in the companies as well? No comment, it says.

HP Teams With C3, Hara for Energy Consulting

Hewlett-Packard wants to become a big player in energy management and energy efficiency, so it has reached out to two rising stars for help.

The company has launched a series of nine consulting services that will leverage the software from Hara and C3 to lower energy and resources consumption, retool organizations for efficiency and make energy reporting and accounting easier. HP's consulting services will focus on reducing energy in overall operations and will not, in most circumstances, get involved in redesigning finished products, according to Jay Allardyce, director of growth initiatives in the energy and sustainability management group. We asked if HP invested in either or both companies and Allardyce declined to comment.

ZDNet also covers the announcement and lists the 9 service offerings.  2 are data center focused.

  • HP Critical Facility Sustainability Tradeoff Analysis, an analysis of the impact that certain data center design approaches might have
  • HP Critical Facilities Energy Certification Service, a service for helping achieve certifications such as LEED or the EPA’s Energy Star for Data Centers

We’ve reached a new stage of green data centers where both HP and IBM are offering services where the data center is part of an overall sustainability strategy for a company.