Are bits evacuating Japan? How geo redundant are the systems?

I’ve been talking to some friends and being risk adverse, there are some people who are working to move their bits off servers in Japan.

As DataCenterKnowledge reports, there is no immediate impact to data centers in Tokyo.

Major Tokyo Data Centers Fuel Up for Blackouts

March 14th, 2011 : Rich Miller

Major data centers in Tokyo say they are undamaged ready to continue operating, even if they lose utility power due to a program of rolling blackouts being implemented by Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO). Some forecasts say the power rationing could continue for weeks or months, placing a premium on access to diesel fuel to maintain services during outages. Some companies are voluntarily powering down non-critical data center operations, including Sony, which is turning off its Final Fantasy online games for at least a week.

GigaOm reports on possible damage to undersea cables.

In Japan, Many Undersea Cables Are Damaged

By Om Malik Mar. 14, 2011, 10:34am PT 2 Comments

The horrific earthquake and the ensuing tsunami in Japan have caused widespread damage to undersea communications, according to data collected by telecom industry sources. Initially, it was thought that the damage to the cables that connect Japan and Asia to each other and other parts of the world was limited, but new data shows the extent of the problems.

And, WSJ does a great job of summarizing efforts in the rest of Asia in addition to Japan.

About half of the existing cables running across the Pacific are damaged and "a lot of people are feeling a little bit of slowing down of Internet traffic going to the United States," said Bill Barney, chief executive of Hong Kong-based cable-network operator Pacnet. He declined to name the damaged cables operated by other companies, but said Pacnet's cable system connecting Japan to the U.S. isn't damaged so far.

But with the risk of data loss going up substantially in the operating data centers, what isn’t being discussed is are bits being moved out of Japan’s data centers to other locations.  With Fiber and Power access a risk, let alone another earthquake or Japan’s infrastructure being reprioritized, there are some who are making plans for a Japan data center going offline.  The ones who can do this are the ones with geo redundancy and spare capacity in other countries.

At this time should data centers and servers be turned off in Japan that can move to other areas?  Power and water are now critical resources in Japan along with diesel fuel.