4 letters for Cloud Computing - OSSM On-demand, Self-serving, Scalable, Measurable

What is the cloud computing?  How about 4 letters?  OSSM.





I’ve been getting the scoop on cool stuff at SXSW from Silent Partner’s Kevin Francis and one of his conversations is with CloudCamp’s Dave Nielsen who has been explaining the cloud as OSSM (“awesome”)

Cloud Computing is OSSM ("Awesome")

Dave Nielsen of CloudCamp says the 4 essential characteristics of Cloud Computing are: On-demand (service is setup before customer asks for it), Self-service (customer decides when to turn on & off, Scalable (can handle increase and decreased usage) & Measurable (so you know how much you are using).

What is the opposite?

Get in line

Wait for service

Over provision to scale

Trust someone else to measure when convenient for them.

The opposite sounds like legacy IT.

OSSM works for me.  How about you?