Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz story, an 8 year break as CEO. Would Bill Gates follow the example?

Starbuck’s Howard Schultz releases his story on returning to Starbucks as CEO.

From Publishers Weekly

Starred Review. In 2000, Starbuck's founder and CEO Schultz (Pour Your Heart into It) stepped down from daily oversight of the company and assumed the role of chairman. Eight years later, in the midst of the recession and a period of decline unprecedented in the company's recent history, Schultz-feeling that the soul of his brand was at risk-returned to the CEO post. In this personal, suspenseful, and surprisingly open account, Schultz traces his own journey to help Starbucks reclaim its original customer-centric values and mission while aggressively innovating and embracing the changing landscape of technology. From the famous leaked memo that exposed his criticisms of Starbucks to new product strategies and rollouts, Schultz bares all about the painful yet often exhilarating steps he had to take to turn the company around. Peppered with stories from his childhood in tough Canarsie, N.Y., neighborhoods, his sequel to the founding of Starbucks is grittier, more gripping, and dramatic, and his voice is winning and authentic. This is a must-read for anyone interested in leadership, management, or the quest to connect a brand with the consumer. (Mar.)
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When I see this story and I start reading it (I have pre-ordered the Kindle edition, so it should show up on my Kindle in 2 hours at Midnight PT.), I wonder if Bill Gates would follow Howard Schultz’s example and return to Microsoft.  Many say Bill would never go back, but I am sure many said the same of Howard Schultz.

Howard felt so good about his accomplishments he wrote a book to tell the story.  Can you imagine the story Bill would tell after 8 years returning to Microsoft?  I bet there would be many people who left Microsoft who would return if Bill came back.