Why do we need Fire Bowls in Water pools? Hope this trend dies

Saw this article in Barron's on great a natural/propane flame in a pool of water looks in a landscape.

You can display a fire bowl on dry land if you want, but the real drama comes when you pair it with a reflecting pool. Run a gas line underneath and the works of art will blaze on demand.

The artist even admits fire and water don't go together.

Make Your Landscape Really Hot

Fire and water usually don't mix well. "The two elements are not born together, nor do they really want to be together," says Brooklyn sculptor Elena Colombo. But with fire bowls, an increasingly popular type of landscape installation from Colombo and others, fire and water meet, mingle and mesmerize.

Could you imagine having one of these fire fountains installed now a day?

At least no green data center would install one of these.