GigaOm points to 10 ways to achieve a Greener Data Center

Next week on Apr 21, 2011 is Green:Net 2011 and the folks at GigaOm have been helping to spread the news for green data centers.  Here is a post on 10 ways to green the data center.

10 Ways Data Centers Are Becoming Greener

By Katie Fehrenbacher Apr. 13, 2011, 12:00am PT

Energy efficient data centers have solidly moved into the (low power) spotlight in recent weeks thanks to the Open Compute Project from Facebook. Last week the social network giant shared an unprecedented amount of data about its low power servers and data center designs that have enabled its new data center in Oregon to be remarkably energy efficient. To me, the move shows just how important these energy efficient characteristics have become for the leading Internet companies as a way to stay competitive and keep their energy costs as low as possible.

4 years when I started blogging on green data centers people thought I was silly.  Now it is common and expected for data center operators to discuss their environmental impact.

I have my next idea brewing on what I think I should blog as a whole topic in data centers no one discusses now.  But, for now Green Data Centers has me plenty busy.