Absorbing information at Green:Net 2011 - Greenpeace and Google make announcements

I walked in the door at 7:40a to Green:NET 2011.  The room was sparse, but within 2 minutes I saw a good friend who I didn't expect  to see. The last time we saw each other was Olivier Sanche's memorial service in Los Gatos.  We quickly had a great conversation on Greenpeace's announcement.

Greenpeace Unveils Who’s Behind the Internet’s Dirty Power

By Katie Fehrenbacher Apr. 21, 2011, 6:30am PT 1 Comment

A group of the Internet’s most recognized brands — from Facebook to Apple to Twitter to Amazon — have received failing grades when it comes to using clean power for their web services, according to a new report unveiled by Greenpeace on Thursday at our Green:Net 2011 event. Greenpeace found that while a few companies like Akamai, Google, Yahoo and IBM have been taking important steps towards clean power, overall, many web companies “are perpetuating our addiction to dirty energy technologies.”

The day kicked off with Om Malik and Katie Fehrenbacher


Google  Energy announced their 100MW Wind Power purchase.

Google to Buy Another 100MW of Wind Power via Google Energy

By Katie Fehrenbacher Apr. 21, 2011, 8:00am PT No Comments

Google isn’t just continuing to investhundreds of millions of dollars into clean energy projects, but it’s also continuing to commit to buying up the clean power itself. On Thursday morning Google announced that it has made its second deal via its subsidiary Google Energy, and the search engine giant plans to buy 100 MW of power from a wind farm that’s under construction in Oklahoma.