Is this the last of Great Steven Manos LV parties, now that Lee Tech is part of Schneider Electric?

Steven Manos asked me if I had any pictures from the party at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas at AFCOM/Data Center World 2011


Steven Manos and Katie O'Hara (no relation to me Dave Ohara)

If you are having fun at a LV party the last thing you want is a blogger taking pictures, so I don't bring a camera.

Even though I have no pictures I do want to write a blog entry about the organizers Steven Manos (Lee Technologies) and Jim Grice (Ewing Industrial Park).  Great people are going to change the data center industry, and getting together outside a data center industry typical venue allows people to get to know each other which then sets up better discussions later.  For those who have attended the events, we have all made business and personal friendships at the event that were not possible at other events.

Steve and Jim who get the business value of providing a party where people can just have fun and not worry about being sold. 

I posted about the last party at Data Center World in Oct 2010.

One question I have is whether this will be the last of Steven Manos parties now that he is a Schneider Electric employee with the acquisition of Lee Technologies.

I did take one picture to share with those who wanted to be there.  Recognize anyone.  Smile