Data Center Analytics supports better decision making, Power Assure ships new capabilities

Power Assure has a press release on their new analytics capabilities. 

Energy Management version 4 (EM/4) software enables actionable-intelligence for maximizing data center efficiency

Santa Clara, Calif. – May 9, 2011 - Power Assure®, Inc., a data center infrastructure management solutions provider, today introduced at Uptime Institute’s Symposium 2011 Data Center Analytics for its Energy Management software platform, version 4 (EM/4). Data Center Analytics gives data center operators for the first time the ability to analyze and synthesize the overwhelming amount of raw data now available on data center equipment performance and turn it into useful business information to improve the efficiency, capacity and performance of their data centers.

The Analytics capability exists side-by-side with the monitoring and automation modules.


Here is a sample dashboard from Power Assure to visualize data center systems.