How big will Dell's Quincy Data Center be? Phase 1 = 25 MW, permitted for 14 3.0 MWe diesel generators

Dell is building a new data center in Quincy, WA.  How big is it?  The initial phase is permitted for 14 3.0 MWe = 42 MWe and another 14 3.0 MWe.  Depending on how they want to run the redundancy of the generators the power would most likely be 30 MW for total power.  Assume a PUE of 1.2 and you get 25 MW of IT load.

Here is the permit that gives you the information on the generators.


This is Phase 1.  Phase 2 & 3 is another 14 3.0 MWe diesel generators.

So, total for site is 50 MW of IT load.  This is a pretty big data center.