A view from 10 ft high of my new kitchen and living space

My Missouri Data Center friends were in town yesterday and they came over for lunch and a bottle of wine in the evening after they had finished their meetings.  I've spent many trips in Missouri to their homes and even went on a trip to Northern Missouri for Deer Camp which I renamed as Beer Camp as I saw way more beer than deer.  One of the comments my guests made is they have seen pictures of the house on this blog, but the living space and kitchen are hard to grasp until you are in the space.  So, let's try to show the space from a different view.  A view from 10 ft high.

Here is a view 10 feet in front of my pizza oven at my height.image

Here is a view closer - 3 ft looking in the oven.image

I backed up got on a ladder and went 3 ft higher on the ladder.  I am now about the same height as the light fixtures at 8 ft.image

From this angle I am now looking down into the oven.  BTW, love my new Canon 24-105 IS F4L lens.image

A little better, but let's try higher on the ladder.  I go up to the top rung and my head is now at 10 ft.  fyi, the ceilings are 12 1/2 ft.  When you look at this picture here. You can see my reflection in the frame glass.image

Here is this same picture shown from when I am standing on the ground.image

Back to the ladder let's look at my pizza oven in the kitchen through a wide angle 38mm lens.  The refrigerator to the left is 78" high.


I shoot a level shot across the room from 10 ft in the air.image

Coming back to the ground. Let's try a shot with my wife and son for some scale.


I have already made invitations to some of my data center friends to come on over for pizza, wine, and beer, and for them to make an excuse to visit the Redmond/Seattle area.  It was good to have my Missouri Data Center Friends as one of the first to see the house now that we are almost done.

For you mechanical and construction guys, here is a view of the structural steel in the ceiling.