An Example of why I blog, gaining insight to how important topics are

I come up with all kinds of ideas and many times I wonder whether others think the ideas are any good.  In the old days, I would test an idea by sharing them with others and see what they had to say.  Now, I can write a blog entry and see the traffic numbers.  Some may say the comment are what people read, but  I don't spend time on the comments as moderating comments takes up just as much time as writing blog entries if not more and is much more frustrating.

Here is an example.  Before going to 7x24 Exchange I saw Domenic Alcaro from Schneider was to present on the idea of Human Error in the Data Center.  I had talked to Domenic on the phone and met him in person for the first time at Uptime Symposium in May.  I asked Domenic if I could get a copy of his presentation before hand to see what he had to say.  This gave me time to think about what he was presenting and how his ideas could be applied.  I posted Domenic's talk here.

Curious I wanted to see what traffic was.  On Feedburner I got these numbers.  The 192 is the peak read on the first day.  Domenic presented to 100 people at 7x24 and I double the reach with one blog entry in one day. Smile


In addition I had another 200 hits, so metrics were about 900 view/clicks.  The raw number isn't as important as how this compares to my other entries.  This one is in top group of interest.

Google search "human error data center" and my entry is #1.


So why blog all this.

  1. I want to share these results with Domenic, and it takes me just as much time to write a blog entry as writing an e-mail.
  2. It is good once in a while to see what my readers think is important.
  3. It explains part of the reason why I am a pervasive blogger, and what I learn from sharing ideas.