Attending Oscon, the convergence of Open Source and Data Center

I have been thinking of different conferences to go and a bunch of my friends at Structure said they were going to OSCON.  Some of the biggest data centers run open source software and with Facebook's Open Compute project there is a convergence of ideas on open source the data center and server hardware in addition to software.

What is OSCON?


What do you do once you’ve changed the world? Do it again.

Join today’s open source innovators, builders, and pioneers July 25-29 as they gather at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, to share their expertise and experience, explore new ideas, and inspire each other.

Learn first-hand how new developments in open source are shaping the future. Challenge your assumptions, fire up your imagination, and kick your brain into high gear. Rub shoulders with open source rock stars—and have some serious fun with 2000+ people like you.

Here are a few of the sponsors are of OSCON that I know I will run into some friends from these companies.


Diamond Sponsor

  • Microsoft

Premier Platinum Sponsor

  • Google
    • SugarCRM

    Gold Sponsors

    • Facebook
    • HP
    • Intel
    • Rackspace Hosting

Drop me a line if you'll be there as well dave(at)  The crowd is big so it is hard to just run into people randomly.