CA Technologies, a cloud player most don’t think about

CNET has an article about CA Technologies focus on cloud computing.  Check out this statement.

As a side note, I've always thought of CA as a place where software goes to die--an image that the company is well aware of and working to fix. I was impressed with the focus and forward-looking comments from both Fry and Debra Danielson, senior vice president of mergers and acquisitions, and I expect to see them be more aggressive about marketing their cloud-oriented products.

The article is about a discussion with Jay Fry, VP of marketing for cloud computing.

Jay Fry, VP of Marketing, Cloud Computing Business, CA

At this week's Structure conference in San Francisco, I spoke with Jay Fry, vice president of marketing for cloud computing, about what the company is doing to address the burgeoning cloud marketplace. (The company changed its name last year from CA, and before that it was Computer Associates.)

According to Fry, this year is about figuring out what customers really want--not just from CA Technologies, but from any vendor focused on the emerging cloud market. Enterprise users are trying to keep things under their control while service providers are looking to get users connected to their services. The rate and pace of cloud adoption are very different depending on the use case.

I’ve known Jay Fry since his days at Cassatt, a company CA acquired and Jay came over.  Jay is a data center guy and I’ve chatted with Jay at Gartner Data Center, Uptime Symposium, Structure, and even at a Starbuck’s when we have been able to connect our schedules when we are both in the bay area.

It is nice to see a write-up on what I have learned in my conversations with Jay.  If you haven’t thought about CA Technologies as a cloud player, you should.