Status of Green Data Centre in Australia

DatacenterDynamics reports on the Green Data Centre movement in Australia.

Australia’s data center industry and carbon tax

Exactly what affect could a carbon tax have on Australia’s data center industry? We spoke to one market expert to find out

Published 12th July, 2011 by Penny Jones


Australia outline

Australia introduced its carbon tax this week, which from July next year will see its top 500 polluters pay AU$23 for each tonne of carbon emitted. There is little doubt that countries such as the UK, considering own version of a carbon tax – the CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) -will be interested to see how the move pans out.

Australia has one of the largest sources of Uranium Ore, but there are no nuclear power plants in Australia, leaving coal as the dominant power source.

“One of the world’s most polluting power plants is in Victoria. Most of our energy is supplied by coal power plants,” Oostveen says.

It appears the dominant action is to focus on energy efficiency.

“Overall, there is some excitement amongst new players in the marketplace because they realise than energy efficiency is becoming a hot topic again.”