Will Midwest Heat wave shift Republican views on Climate Change?

There is record heat wave in the Midwest.

CHICAGO — An oppressive and potentially deadly summertime mix of sizzling temperatures and high humidity baked a large swath of the country again on Sunday, pushing afternoon heat indexes in dozens of cities to dangerous levels.

Forecasters warned the heatwave would persist through much of the coming week and cautioned residents in more than three dozen states to take extra precautions.

The National Weather Service posted excessive heat warnings for much of the country's midsection, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, as well as South and North Dakota, where forecasters predicted heat indexes could hit 115 degrees.

"This will likely be the most significant heat wave the region has experienced in at least the last five years," the weather service said.

The Midwest tends to be Republican political views.

As you pick through various polls, what's interesting is how little America's political landscape has actually changed. Take this map from the USA Today polltracker. The orange is "too close" and the gray is "not enough" data. Red is Republican and blue is Democrat, of course.


And, here is a difference in belief in global warming.

Figure 1