Think Different switch back to the Mac from Windows

I worked at Apple from 1985 to 1992.  The Mac was introduced in 1985 and 1991 Apple shipped System 7. I spent much of time working on Mac OS 6.0.x and System 7 was years of being immersed in Mac development.  When I moved to Microsoft to work on Win3.1 my coworkers and I spent much of time using Macs as we were working TrueType and the vast majority of tools where on the Mac.

Even though many of my friends used Macs I didn't take the time to switch.  But, yesterday I switched to a 3rd generation MacBook Air and the Lion OS.


Switching from Windows to Mac is an interesting experience for me as it is bringing back a bunch of memories working on OS design.

The main reason I switched to the Mac were:

  1. I needed a more powerful content creation laptop.  My Lenovo X200T was good, but not a good performer.  The MacBook Air i5 processor is much better with Sandy Bridge and SSD.
  2. My main tools are Blogging, Photo Imaging, e-mail, Word, Excel and Powerpoint, so moving to the Mac is not a problem.
  3. The Lenovo was light, but the MacBook Air is hard to beat for weight.

The funny thing is when I started using the Mac again, it brought back a bunch of memories of working at Apple and the way I used to work.  It's kind of old, 20 year old neurons were reconnecting on how the Mac has different priorities.

I have written a few blog entries with MarsEdit.  Downloaded photos from my Canon 7D.  Installed Office, Aperture, Lightroom as well.

I was much faster writing with Windows Live Writer, but it's only my  second day switching back to the Mac after almost 19 years.