A view of OSCON by Barton George

I wasn't able to make it to OSCON and one of the people I would have spent a lot of time with is Dell's Barton George.  I met Barton at Gartner Data Center Conference, and we frequently run into each other at other technology conferences.

Here are a few of Barton's OSCON posts.

OSCON: The Data Locker project and Singly

Who owns your data?  Hopefully the answer is you and while that may be true it is often very difficult to get your data out of sites you have uploaded it to and move it elsewhere.  Additionally, your data is scattered across a bunch of sites and locations across the web, wouldn’t it be amazing to have it all in one place and be able to mash it up and do things with it? 

OSCON: ex-NASA cloud lead on his OpenStack startup, Piston

Last week  at OSCON in Portland, I dragged Josh McKenty away from the OpenStack one-year anniversary (that’s what Josh is referring to at the very end of the interview) to do a quick video.  Josh, who headed up NASA’s Nebula tech team and has been very involved with OpenStack from the very beginning has recently announced Piston, a startup that will productize OpenStack for enterprises.

OSCON: How foursquare uses MongoDB to manage its data

I saw a great talk today here at OSCON Data up in Portland, Oregon.  The talk was Practical Data Storage: MongoDB @ foursquare and was given by foursquare‘s head of server engineering, Harry Heymann.  The talk was particularly impressive since, due to AV issues, Harry had to wing it and go slideless.  (He did post his slides to twitter so folks with access could follow along).