Steve Jobs Resignation triggers more traffic

Steve Jobs Resignation has media people coming up with content that discusses Steve's past. One of the entertaining ones for me is getting 833 hits to a blog post I wrote back in May 21, 2010 regarding Google's Vic Gundotra labeling Steve Jobs as "Big Brother."


Here is the post that all of a sudden gets 833 hits but is over a year old.

Google's Vic Gundotra labels Apple's Steve Jobs as "Big Brother" A Draconian future, a future where one man...

Google's Vic Gundotra goes on the offensive vs. Apple with a declaration of Steve Jobs as a Draconian Big Brother 1984 theme.  eWeek and many others spread the news.

Gundotra met with Google's Android mobile operating system creator Andy Rubin, who told him that it was critical to create a free, open operating system that would enable innovation of the stack. Rubin also told him that if "Google did not act we faced a Draconian future, a future where one man, one company, one device, one carrier would be our only choice."

One of the rumors I heard was Google was tempted to spoof the infamous Mac 1984 commercial, but decided that was going too far.


Here are screen shots from Vic's declaration of a Draconian Future.