CIOs postpone HP IT purchases, as we all know CIOs don't like Risk

WSJ has an article describing how CIOs are postponing HP HW purchases.

H-P's Customers Backing Off

Hewlett-Packard Co.'s recent strategic moves have shaken the confidence of investors. Now customers of the technology giant are also getting nervous.

That applies to Ray Barnard, chief information officer of Fluor Corp., an engineering and construction company that spends around $25 million a year on new hardware and software. Fluor was recently considering buying high-end computers capable of displaying 3D graphics from H-P, as well as doing a pilot project involving tablets with the tech company.

Now, however, "I've put that all on hold" and won't buy from H-P, he said. "It appears that they're lost right now."

HP has created risk in purchasing their equipment by self-inflicting their own damaging situation.

Several H-P customers said they are most concerned about what they see as a lack of a clear direction from the world's largest tech company by revenue, signaled in part by H-P's decision to exit the PC business. H-P is currently the world's biggest maker of PCs by shipments and revenue.

Compare this situation to IBM's Lenovo partnership.

IBM and Lenovo

IBM has engaged in an historic alliance with Lenovo. To bring long-term value for clients, companies need to continually reinvent themselves. IBM's multi-year agreement with Lenovo is broad-based and allows IBM to continue to provide end-to-end solutions to our clients. Lenovo is now the preferred provider of IBM-branded personal computers to our clients, and IBM will continue to provide financing and maintainance services for those PC solutions.

This alliance is consistent with IBM's strategy to be the world leader in providing technology and transformation solutions, for you, our enterprise and our small and medium business clients, in all industries and countries worldwide.

Working with leaders

Lenovo has the leading position in the fastest growing market in the world. Their acquisition of IBM's PC business makes them the third largest PC supplier in the world. In addition, the people of ThinkPad® notebooks and ThinkCentre™ desktops are now part of the Lenovo team -- the award-winning engineers, the manufacturing teams, the sales representatives, the business partners. In short, the people you know. The ones you count on.

This sale moves our PC business from an element in the IBM portfolio to a key element in IBM's network of alliances. It extends IBM's reach and capabilities in areas where you, our IBM clients, are better served through this alliance. Lenovo shares our passion for innovation, quality and service. IBM's strategy is clear. Lenovo's strategy is clear. Together we're a powerful combination for your business and we are committed to your success.