Fire the customer, example someone texts in the movie theater

I am sure some of you agree some customers are not work the effort, you want to fire them.

Here is a good example on a customer you would want to fire.

This customer exhibits many of the signs of one you want to fire.

· The Chronic Complainer. This customer constantly speaks negatively about your product, prices, or service, but still buys from you. Address the complaints, but don’t let it continue.  If someone is complaining to you, s/he is probably complaining about you to others, hurting your brand.

· Captain Rude. No one should have to endure verbal abuse. Don’t be afraid to set clear boundaries with this customer. Communicate your expectations about rudeness, and if this customer breaks the rules, say goodbye.

· The Other Guy Does It Better. Some customers constantly talk about your competition. The really brazen ones may even tell the competitor they’re playing a back-and-forth game with you. If this happens once, it may be worth working through, but again, if it’s happening often, this customer may not be worth the trouble.


· Can they be converted? Say a customer is giving off a “maybe I’ll change my mind” vibe. If you sense a potential behavior change, retention efforts may be wise even if the math doesn’t say so up front.

· Does this customer mistreat your employees? This must be a consideration – always. If a customer is verbally abusive or harassing one of your employees, let them go in a hurry.

i am sure many of you have fired a customer and agree on this view.

Firing a customer is not an easy decision. After you work hard to earn their business, the idea of cutting them loose may seem counter-intuitive. Check the math and consider the ramifications of keeping them around.