2012 Olympics tip Verizon/Terremark data center decision to Amsterdam over London

ComputerWeekly reports on Verizon/Terremark's decision to build a data center in Amsterdam over London due to the 2012 Olympics creating a power shortage.

Verizon rejects London datacentre site due to Olympic Games power drain

Friday 23 September 2011 11:03
Olympics 2012 led Verizon Business to dismiss London datacentre

Concerns over power shortages led to Verizon Business dismissing London as the site for its flagship datacentre.

Verizon Business was worried about the availability of power because of the Olympic Games to be hosted in London next year. The company chose Amsterdam instead.

The President of Verizon Europe made the following statement.

Hermann Oggel, president of European business at Terremark, told delegates at Verizon's annual business conference that the choice of locations was between London and Amsterdam.

"London was full with the Olympics, with no power. And power is a big issue," Oggel said. "We spoke to utility companies in London and looked at premises, but found it economically better to manage from Amsterdam."

Here is the new NAP of Amsterdam Data Center as reported on DataCent

An aerial view of the new Terremark NAP of Amsterdam, the company's latest network access point.