Twitter's Michael Abbott discusses Mobile

Twitter's Michael Abbott discusses Mobile at GigaOm Mobilize.


Michael Abbot is a Valley legend in mobility, with stints at Palm and HP, among others. He now leads engineering at Twitter. Om talks to Michael about how Twitter's commitment to mobile and the Twitter ecosystem will shape the platform and what considerations he has to make in creating the perfect platform for sustaining a mobile experience and third-party developer ecosystem.

Moderated by:Om Malik - Founder, GigaOM
Speakers:Michael Abbott - VP Engineering, Twitter

Here is the data center related comment, making more infrastructure changes in past 9 months than 5 years.

Jay Fry
Avoiding the failwhale: Abbott tells  Twitter's made "more infrastructure changes in the last 9 mo than the previous 5 yrs" 

Rafe Needleman
Twitter VP Engineering Michael Abbott: "We're not a social network, we're an information network." 

To give you an idea of scale.

Carolyn Penner
45% of tweets come from mobile and we're seeing north of 230 million tweets per day -