Mobile & the Enterprise, A list of ideas including FlipBoard for the Enterprise

I just spent the last 2 days at GigaOm Mobilize and it was a great event to think about where the connection is between Mobile and Data Centers.  I had a chance to spend time with a lot of C Level executives of the companies exhibiting and when I heard of good consumer scenarios l found myself thinking of how the technology could be used in the data center ecosystem.

How can mobile be used in data centers to support better operations?

One interesting talk was by Flipboard CEO, Josh Quitner.


Flipboard isn't only at the top of its game; it seems to be reinventing it. What can we learn from the company's success? Om Malik talks to Josh Quitnner about Flipboard's meteoric rise and what impacts its brand of success will have on the media ecosystem.

Moderated by:Om Malik - Founder, GigaOM
Speakers:Josh Quitnner - Editorial Director, Flipboard


Turns out one of Mobile entrepreneurs I follow was at Mobilize and we hadn't chatted for a year or so.  And guess what, his app is called the "FlipBoard for the Enterprise."

Moprise Is Launching A

“Flipboard For The Enterprise”

posted on September 16th, 2011

Moprise is launching a new iPad application it’s calling a “Flipboard for the Enterprise.” The app is a tablet-optimized version of the company’s currently available Coaxion iPhone application. The Flipboard analogy isn’t quite right, however. Flipboard is about reading news and articles, browsing photos and viewing updates from your social networks in a magazine-like format. Coaxion and Flipboard are only similar in that they both have easy-to-browse, touchable, swipe-friendly user interfaces. But Coaxion’s content is corporate documents, not news or tweets.








What enterprise problems is Moprise solving?

  • Work with All Your Critical Documents
    Seamlessly integrated access to SharePoint and Dropbox keeps you connected to all your important documents.

    Optimized Microsoft Office document views allow you to see everything including annotations, graphics, and formatting.

  • Discuss and Share in Real-Time
    Group messaging and sharing in real-time keeps your team in sync and moving forward from anywhere.
  • Secure
    All conversations and documents are transmitted over encrypted connections, and discussions and documents are only visible to the coworkers you explicitly invite.

    When conversations are closed, files are removed from devices while leaving the originals on SharePoint and Dropbox intact.

  • Optimized for Mobile
    Push notifications keep you updated in real time without draining your battery.

Geekwire also covers Moprise.

Flipboard has transformed the way people consume information on the iPad, allowing readers to quickly scan headlines and photos in a beautiful and easy-to-read interface. Moprise co-founder David D’Souza now wants to bring that same type of functionality to business documents through a new iPad application they’re dubbing “Flipboard for the Enterprise.”

D’Souza and his team previewed the new application at theTechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco last week. We caught up with the ex-Microsoftie to learn more about what they are up to.

In fact, it was an experience at Microsoft that helped shape the concept of the new product, which is known as Coaxion for iPad.

Maybe it is my Microsoft time that gets me thinking about Enterprise and where the money is.  David D'Souza and i were chatting how much more money is available in the enterprise vs. consumer and we'll continue the conversation on how Moprise could be used in data scenario document scenarios.

One of the huge opportunities for Mobile is in the enterprise and there were many other talks on this topic at Mobilize.


There's a new force to be reckoned with in the enterprise: the consumerization of IT. The rise of mobile products such as the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms -- along with the easy accessibility of cloud computing services -- is radically disrupting conventional IT infrastructures. Resistance is futile. The network and content security industry is estimated to be worth more than $20 billion by 2015, and as advances in technology turn this industry upside down, smart and agile enterprises stand to realize considerable competitive advantages by recognizing the new shape of IT architecture and the value of a seamless user experience. This talk between Cisco Security's VP/GM Tom Gillis and the New York Times’ Quentin Hardy will delve deeper into the infinite number of possible responses demanded of IT departments.

Moderated by:Quentin Hardy - Deputy Tech Editor, The New York Times
Speakers:Tom Gillis - VP and GM Security Technology Business Unit, Cisco


For companies that have embraced device diversity, the decision to go with native or web-based mobile apps can cause analysis paralysis. While native apps provide richer functionality, in-house app developers have already standardized on HTML as the platform of choice for building B2B apps. Will enterprise lead the way in using cross-platform mobile development tools and mobile middleware platforms to get the job done? There is much anticipation and hype about the entry of tablet devices into the enterprise. Yet we are seeing very little innovation of applications that actually take advantage of the tablet's benefits. Is the future of the tablet simply replacing existing game consoles and e-readers, or will productivity be the app that really makes use of the tablet form factor?

Moderated by:Nathan Clevenger - Chief Software Architect, ITR Mobility
Speakers:Santiago Becerra - Co-Founder and CEO, MeLLmo
Adam Blum - CEO, Rhomobile
Chris Kemmerer - Director, Mobility Solutions, Verizon
Sean Whiteley - SVP,

Virtualization and high-powered smartphones are a match made in heaven for the enterprise. Most of the arguments involving security and data integrity disappear. We talk with the visionary CTO and thought leader at technology giant VMware about what he sees as the real outcomes of virtualization on the handset and where VMware will lead the industry next.

Moderated by:Stacey Higginbotham - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers:Stephen Herrod - CTO, VMware