Google’s Three Asia Data Center Locations

Google announced its three data center locations in Asia - Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


The logic of the three locations being in the center of the Asia Pacific region is hard to argue against. Which most likely disappointed governments in Australia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Phillipines, and India.  Here is Australia news.

Google will build three new data centres in Asia to service increased internet demand from the region, but Australia has missed out on being picked as a site location.

A Hong Kong-based spokesman, Taj Meadows, said Google used a stringent process to choose locations for the new facilities. The three cities met the criteria better than Australia, he said.

“We have a rigorous process in place around selecting sites for our data centres, taking many technical and other considerations into account. Some of the key things we look for in a site include closeness to our users, robust local infrastructure, reliable power, availability of skilled workers, reasonable business regulations and cost”, Meadows told IT Pro. He later added close proximity to existing underwater communications cables was also important.

Here is news about Singapore and Google’s Green Data Center plans.

“A data center here would be among the most efficient and environmentally friendly in Asia, subject to the same high technical and environmental standards we use worldwide,” Google said. It added that Singapore was chosen based on its proximity to users, access to robust infrastructure and reliable power, and reasonable business regulations, among others.

Hong Kong is a site to reach China.

Google faces stiff competition in Asia, particularly in the mainland market where homegrown search services such as Baidu are household names.

An Economist Intelligence Unit study released on Tuesday said Asian economies are closing the gap on the West in terms of IT competitiveness.

The United States is still the most competitive IT industry, but seven Asian economies made it to the top 20, including Singapore at No3 and Taiwan at 13.

And Taiwan makes the third.  


The number 3 (三, Pinyin: sān, jyutping: saam1) sounds similar to the character for “birth” (生, Pinyin: shēng, jyutping: saang1), and is thus considered a lucky number.

Google to build US$100 million data center in Taiwan
2011/09/28 11:39:08

Taipei, Sept. 28 (CNA) Google Inc. will acquire 15 hectares of land in Changhua County to build a data center that will offer faster access to its services, the company announced Wednesday.
The world’s largest Internet search company said in a statement that it plans to invest over US$100 million (NT$3.04 billion) in the data center, which it expects to come on line in one or