CIO and Supply Chain Expertise = Dell's New CIO

Being a CIO is typically equated with managing information systems which typically has people who have technology backgrounds.  Another way to look at IT as a flow of information which can optimized like a supply chain logistics.  One guy who is supply chain expert is Frank Frankovsky at Facebook who is ex-Dell.

Speaking of Dell, Dell's new CIO has a supply chain expertise from GM.

Adriana Karaboutis, recruited in March 2010, is the new global CIO and reports directly to Brian Gladden, Dell's CFO. She was previously vice president of global operations and technology IT, which means she was responsible for Dell's supply chain, procurement, and product development systems.

Dell CIO Adriana Karaboutis

Dell CIO Adriana Karaboutis

Prior to coming to Dell, Karaboutis was global manufacturing and labor information officer at General Motors, which means she was responsible for all of the systems that are used for car assembly and parts stamping. Before that, she was in charge of GM's purchasing and supply chain systems.

Karaboutis spent six years at GM, and before that,15 at the Ford Motor Company, starting out as a programmer/analyst and rising up through the ranks to run manufacturing, supply chain, purchasing and finance systems.







The official Dell press release is here.

Dell announced today that Adriana Karaboutis has assumed the role of Global Chief Information Officer, responsible for continuing to drive Dell’s IT organization evolution, from managing an efficient and innovative global information infrastructure, to creating innovative breakthroughs that provide technology advances for the company and its customers.

Ms. Karaboutis was previously vice president of IT at Dell supporting product groups, manufacturing, procurement and supply chain operations. In her experience at Dell, she has led a transformation of Dell’s manufacturing operations, rolling out a new manufacturing execution system globally. She also led the roll out of Dell’s consolidated product offering system, which simplified the supply chain by reducing the number of product configurations, a critical part of the company’s cost-reduction efforts. In addition, she has helped Dell’s newly acquired companies transition quickly and smoothly to Dell’s operations.