Fujitsu launches big data services in the cloud

Next week I am moderating a panel discussion on "Opportunities in Big Data" at a small Fujitsu conference in SJ.  And Fujitsu just announced data services in the cloud.

Fujitsu Launches Cloud Services as a Platform for Big Data

Tokyo, January 16, 2012 — Fujitsu today announced the launch of Data Utilization Platform Services, which use cloud services as a platform leveraging big data(1).

This is a cloud service for gathering, compiling, and integrating massive quantities of sensing data; combining it with knowledge; processing it using realtime processing or batch processing; and using it for such purposes as making future projections. It covers four specific services offerings: Data Management & Integration Services, Communications Control Services, Data Collection and Detection Services, and Data Analysis Services.

Fujitsu is promoting Convergence Services that leverage big data to help resolve business and global issues, generate new sources of value, and bring about a more prosperous society. Data Utilization Platform Services will act as the core of these services.



One of the personas Fujitsu has is the "data curator"


I'll look for more information on this topic while I am at the conference.