Interest in Google Data Center goes from Wired -> Gizmodo and Slashgear

I wrote about Wired picking up on Google's Hamina Data Center.

Today I saw two other publications that reference the Wired post.

Google's New Data Center Is An Abandoned Paper Mill In Finland

Gizmodo Australia‎8 minutes ago‎
I don't know what it is about new data centres, but they all seem to resemble the evil lairs of Bond-movie villains. Google's latest, based in a disused paper mill in Finland, is no exception. According to Wired, Google acquired the site for $US52 ...

Google's recycled paper mill datacenter uses seawater for green cooling

SlashGear‎2 hours ago‎
We all know that Google is big on green. The company has huge investments in solar power, wind power, and more green sources of renewable energy. This green push isn't something new at Google; it's been going on for years.

You can argue with the accuracy or newsworthiness of these posts from your data center expertise, but keep in mind for the data center curious articles like these new to them and the facts.