Joyent CTO discusses data center as Information Factory

Joyent's CTO Jason Hoffman just presented on the idea of data centers as Information Factories. at GigaOm Structure Europe.  Here is my post on the same concept of data centers as information factories 3 years ago.

Can you Green the Data Center? Maybe if you think in terms of an Information Factory

I have been writing on the Green Data Center topic for over 2 years with 1,000 blog posts. And, one of the things I have found is the name “data center” is not an accurate description to the layman of what data centers do. Are data centers the “center of data”?  In the past there was one corporate building that was the place where data was housed for the corporation. The standard for Fortune 500 companies now is to have multiple data centers around the world to provide information availability, disaster recovery, and reliability. How can there be multiple centers of data? If you green the data center what am I supposed to green? These multiple centers?  How?

You can see Jason's video here.