NYTimes Publishes Two Letters to Editor, DC Most Inefficient users of Energy

I hope this gives you a laugh.  I did.  The NYTimes chose two letters to publish about the infamous James Glanz article on Sept 27. 

Here is the first to make you laugh.

To the Editor:

For the last decade at least, we have been told that computerizing everything imaginable was part of an overall strategy of “going green.” Now we discover that computers are among the world’s most profligate, inefficient users of energy and that “the cloud” is a carbon-intensive, diesel particulate-spewing, eco-unfriendly fog.

The party ended last night, and the beer goggles just came off. I feel really dirty this morning.

Delaware, Ohio, Sept. 25, 2012

So who is Cindy Brooman?  A 61 year old small business owner of web site Point and Click Software.  Wow Cindy thinks data centers are the most inefficient immoral users of energy.  Her server hoster is a 200% renewable energy user which makes you think Cindy is a hardcore environmentalist.

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And the other letter is from NRDC promoting their upcoming cloud report.

A coming Natural Resources Defense Council report will reveal that not all clouds are created equal; there are “green” clouds and “brown” clouds. Those that carry out energy-efficiency best practices and use low-carbon energy sources are far more sustainable than typical server rooms.

Now these are the two letters that the editor choose to put into print.  Talk about a waste.

I can’t wait to see what James Glanz fires out next.  This is quite entertaining.