Greenpeace creates bogus Green AWS site

Greenpeace has launched a GreenAWS site that makes it seem like it is Amazon, but it is not.  How do you know?

For more information about the energy that AWS and other companies use to power the cloud, please read our April, 2012 report "How Clean is Your Cloud?" or contact us via direct message on Twitter@cleanourcloud or email

You contact greenpeace.  :-)

GigaOm's Katie Fehrenbacher posts on this as well.

About AWS Green Team

At AWS, we are always working to make our cloud options the best in the world. Now we are starting a new initiative to make the AWS cloud the greenest too.

Powering a cloud of AWS's size requires a lot of energy, and recent events have demonstrated the need for us to ensure that our energy supply is both more secure and more sustainable. Too much of our energy supply comes from coal and nuclear power plants, and as we are seeing increasingly from Japan to New York City to Northern Virginia, these traditional energy sources are increasingly vulnerable to disruption. While AWS has worked hard and has been successful in preparing for electricity service disruption, we're constantly looking for ways to decrease risks even further.