Latest Data Center Executive to achieve VP status, Google's Joe Kava, VP

Something is going on with data center executives at Web2.0 companies.  They are being promoted to VPs.

The latest executive to achieve VP status is Google's Joe Kava.  Joe updated his LinkedIn status last week.


Joseph Kava

Data Center Operations Executive

San Francisco Bay Area 
Information Technology and Services
  1. Vice President - Data Centers at Google

When you look at the big data center operators, not the wholesale guys, but the companies who build and run their own data centers for Web2.0  - Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, the data center team has a significant role in achieving business goals and the executives are critical team members of the company.  The cloud just doesn't magically scale contrary to media hype.  Building cost effective, agile, and high performing data centers is key to the success of a Web2.0 company.

We are still at the early stages of Cloud and Big Data where companies are embracing a Petabyte of data as a common occurrence.  The cost, performance, and availability of that petabyte of data is dependent on the data center infrastructure which is supported by people.

Hurricane Sandy reminded people how fragile the internet infrastructure can be.  Which is why Web2.0 companies embrace geo-redundancy. 

People will change the data center industry more than technology innovation.

I am looking forward to see Joe's presentation next week at 7x24 Exchange Phoenix.  Which reminds me, the folks at 7x24 need to update Joe's title to VP.

9:00 A.M.
Google Data Centers: A Behind the Scenes Look at Infrastructure and Innovations

Google's data center practice helped develop the company's competitive edge for online services and products. Now, nearly seven years after the first data center went into production, there is an ever increasing need to be creative in order to drive efficiency and minimize the impact on the planet. This presentation hopes to uncover some of Google's early day decisions, why they were made and how those decisions led to future innovation. Take a virtual tour with us of our facilities and join the discussion of what challenges we all face in the industry.

Joe Kava
Senior Director
Google Data Centers