What Data Center facility staff is 75% 55-65 yrs old? Uptime Fall Conference 2012

I was reading the post on Uptimes' Fall Conference 2012 at the Altanta Ritz Carlton, and the post starts with this comment of the problem of retiring people.

One of the predominant themes of the event (and persistent discussions in the industry in general) is the looming retirement of the current generation of data center professionals. The data center industry doesn’t have a very good farm systeman organization or activity that serves as a training ground for higher-level endeavors.

Fall 2012 Uptime Institute Network Meeting

Now, I am used to hanging with old people.  I am 52, but when I saw this comment, I was thinking whoa what a different world of people are at this event.

“Over 75% of our facilities staff are between 55-65 years old,” one attendee said. “We all grew up in the industry together.” And many organizations worry that all of these skilled, experienced people are going to retire together as well, and a second generation of data center operators is not waiting to take their place.

Either there is a real problem in that there is a shortage of the 2nd generation of data center operators.  Or, the 2nd generation data center operators don't hang out with the 1st generation data center operators.

How many of you 2nd generation data center operators wanted to go hang out with a crowd 75% comprised of 55-65 year olds in Atlanta at the Ritz Carlton?

Maybe there is a problem with the young don't want to hang out with old timers.