Google takes the Lead in Greenpeace's Cool IT Climate Leaderboard

Greenpeace's Gary Cook posts on Greenpeace's latest Green IT Scorecard with Google in the leadership position.

Google wrests control of Cool IT climate Leaderboard

Blogpost by Gary Cook - February 8, 2012 at 9:00

Cool IT Leaderboard 5th edition

The tussle for the top of our Cool IT Leaderboard has taken its latest twist, with Google grabbing the top spot ahead of 20 other tech companies, including Cisco and Ericsson.

Google is singled out as the leader.

Google is way ahead on climate solutions and energy impacts, thanks to its disclosure of its energy footprint, and for providing its impressively detailed mitigation plan for achieving emissions reductions. On top of this, Google continues to speak up on important climate change policies, and make its voice heard on the immediate need for both US and EU governments to aggressively cut emissions.

Last is Oracle with a score of 10 vs Google's 53.  The full report is here.


The IT Energy impact score has IBM in the lead.


And Fujitsu leading the IT Climate Soltuitons.


And Political Advocacy has Softbank with high score.