Is Facebook worth $100 Billion? Economist reader survey 82% say No

It will be interesting on how Facebook's IPO goes.  One piece of data is an Economist reader survey with over 11,000 submittals.

The Economist Asks

Is Facebook worth $100 billion?

You voted: NoCurrent total votes: 11217
18% voted for Yes and 82% voted for No

After Facebook's much-awaited initial public offering, many observers expect the firm's market capitalisation to quickly exceed $100 billion. Some think that this is ludicrous: Facebook may be the world's biggest social network, but its revenues (an estimated $4 billion in 2011) and profits are nowhere near enough to justify such a price tag. Others bet that the firm will live up to the hype: it collects huge amounts of data about its 800m plus users, can serve up creepily well-targeted ads and, perhaps most important, could become a quasi-monopolist in the mould of Microsoft. What do you think? Is Facebook really worth $100 billion?

Voting opened on Feb 1st 2012