Decided to add a new iPad to my iPhone 4S and MacBook Air

Below to the left is my new 64GB wifi iPad next to my iPhone 4S and MacBook Air.  It's been about 6 years since I left Microsoft and it is now 20 years since I left Apple. I use Parallels and Windows 7 on the Mac when i need to run Quickbooks or other Windows apps.  But, I am amazed at how much I just stay on OSX.

When I was in Austin with other data center people attending SXSW, we all had Macs.

I am getting back into Apple thinking, not to use Apple products, but it reminds me of how we did things at Apple.  Microsoft was great too, but many things were based on iterating on past products.  Not creating something brand new.

After 5+ yrs blogging on green data centers, I've figured out a lot of things, and it is time to help some of my friend do things differently.  A lot of what I have been studying lately are checklists, habits, workflow, and bouncing lots of ideas off of my friends.  There is no market data that supports the ideas, but that's OK.  One of the things we learned at Apple is marketing data is useful for looking at the past, but not useful for creating the future.


Off to LV for a day to see more friends.  I think I'll use my new iPad to review some of the drawings and diagrams, and leave the MacBook Air at home.