Do you have a Power Hog in your Data Center? AOL saves the bacon moving to the cloud

I wrote about Mike Manos's post on Attacking the Cruft and how the best part I liked was the Power Hogs.

What I like is the the Power Hog part.

Power Hog – An effort to audit our data center facilities, equipment, and the like looking for inefficient servers, installations, and /or technology and migrating them to new more efficient platforms or our AOL Cloud infrastructure.  You knew you were in trouble when you had a trophy of a bronze pig appear on your desk or office and that you were marked.

I took a picture from Pike Place Market's infamous brass pig and put it in my post as a placeholder.

Within 30 minutes Mike sent me a picture of the "AOL Power Hog"  With the call to action "The Cloud is Calling…Help Save Our Bacon."

Photo  3

Do you have a Power Hog in your data center?  One way to get them to move on to a diet is give them this trophy.

Maybe data centers need a the wall of shame.  The top 10 power hogs.

Who would you nominate?  Your HR system? The latest acquisition? The executive pet project that has grown and grown?