Google's Future Growth is Mobile and Social, are you focusing on this too?

Forbes has an article on how much Mobile and Social are fueling Google's growth.

Google's Earnings Show That Mobile And Social Are The Future

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Google reported its earnings for Q1 2012 on April 12, with gross revenue of $10.65 billion, up 24% year-on-year. [1] It also reported a significant jump in operating and net income, and the same ratio of traffic acquisition costs as a percentage of advertising revenues as in 2011 – 25%.

As a result of its push into mobile advertising, the cost-per-click dropped nearly 12% over last year, but there was a 39% growth in aggregate paid clicks, which led to a healthy increase in advertising revenues. We expect this trend to continue as mobile search advertising drives the next phase of earnings growth for Google while traditional online search advertising takes a backseat.














Note how traditional online advertising has taken a backseat.  This is like Microsoft having Windows and Office take a backseat to Mobile and Facebook-type products.

An interesting way to look at Google is how it's stock is valued.


Here is Microsoft for contrast.


Interesting that this same system shows Amazon's company value to have Kindle and AWS equal.