China's 2011 Server market exceeded 1 millions units in 2011

IDC released news on China regarding the server market.  The post is in Simplified Chinese, and thanks to Google translate here is some of the information.

General-purpose server market reached 1.0122 million units in 2011 2012-02-29 11:20:20 It168 The degree of concern ( 386 ) Forum
IDC Review February 29: Recently, the Ministry of National Electronic Information Industry Development Institute (CCID) officially released the 2010-2011 China's server market research report ". The report shows that the 2011 general-purpose server market reached 1.0122 million units, up 25.3 percent, three times the global average, the engine of growth of the worldwide server market. From the performance of various manufacturers, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, IBM breakdown of the top three markets, Hewlett-Packard to maintain share, Dell more than IBM, the second place, the tide of domestic brands continue to maintain domestic sales, the industry further consolidated. CCID report shows that the server market in 2011 generally showed healthy trend, the rapid growth of large servers in more than four of them become the biggest bright spot of the market.

The government and Internet was biggest growth areas.

The two industries of the Internet, the government contribution to the major increment in the market. The procurement of online video, online games, e-commerce and other Internet areas of strong growth, by its pull, telecommunications, the growth rate of 59% in 2011 the fastest growing industries