Om Malik posts on Facebook's Data Centers

We are all so used to reading DatacenterKnowledge, DatacenterDynamics, and Mission Critical that news like Facebook's data center is old within hours.

Gigaom's Om Malik only writes about one post a day, and today he wrote about Facebook's data center.

As Facebook grows, so do its data center needs

I often get asked the question of what Facebook will do with the ginormous amount of money it will raise as part of its forthcoming initial public offering that will value the company in excess of $100 billion? I don’t know how they will put all of it to use, but a nice piece of it will go towards maintaining and building out is backend infrastructure. The company on Thursday announced that its second data center in Forest City, N.C., is now serving live user traffic.

I think Gigaom's repeated questions on data centers is what got them to recruit me as an analyst for GigaOm Pro.