Review - Sustainable Design: A Critical Guide

I have a copy of the Sustainable Design: A Critical Guide.

The book is new and has two 5-star reviews so far an

Sustainable Design: A Critical Guide [Paperback]

David Bergman (Author)
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To me the ultimate test was what the author says about LEED.  

Is he being critical of LEED?  Yes.

But it has been criticized for devolving into more of a game in which racking up the most points sometimes takes precedence over producing the greenest building.

The author does a good job of listing some other issues with LEED and makes a final point.

Another criticism of LEED is that the certification process can be very expensive and time consuming.

The author looks at many of the issues with a critics eye on what to do and why.

If you are looking for a guide to greener/sustainable design, this book is worth checking out.